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Review: 'Trees Speak'

-  Label: 'Soul Jazz Records'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '26.3.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'SJRCD453'

Our Rating:
Trees Speak come straight out of the desert wilderness of Tuscon to make some big sky music as the soundtrack to immersing yourself into the far distant desert-scape of you mind, so chill out relax and realize just why Soul Jazz records were so eager to sign them up.

Right from the opening notes of Soul Sequencer it's more or less apparent that we are in deep prog territory and as the tune builds and the guitars are added to the keyboards and bass pulse before eventually the drums kick in and you know you need to be nicely spaced out for this and this first tune reminds me of early Pram.

Nitrous Cross is seemingly an amorphous descent into squirrely squiggly noises like the crickets and cicadas are starting to whisper in your ears thinks like Cluster and Can and into the pan make those sounds pan some more.

Shadow Circuit has more of a Bo Hansson feel to the synths as if they are also sound tracking their favorite kid's stories only this isn't Watership Down more like The Jetsons.

Blame Shifter opens like something off of E.A.R.s Thomas Koner experiments album before the ponderous bass hits in and take us off into spectral divergence wondering how sparse they can keep the drums.

Spirit Duplicator sounds like Hans Lundin scoring a 70's sci fi film like The Andromeda Strain or something on those lines. Nobody Knows is interlude music just before things really take a dark turn.

Sadness In Wires feels like they have tried to mellow out to Kyuss and decided to really make a chill out Kyuss track. State Of Clear feels like it has some intent to the deliberate repetitive motif trying to make us all soul kiss without listening to Spectrum, this is also rather pretty.

Sleep Crime has a slow somnambulant beat and bird noises like you've been woken up at 4 am by the dawn chorus having only gone to bed at 3 am you want to shut the birds up but they will only get louder like the brass section here and the odd drum noises.

Knowing sounds a lot like mid 70's Bo Hansson to me and that is of course a very good thing indeed windswept and cinematic library music sounding that gives way to the very evocative Splendid Sun to shine it's brief light through the windows.

Ohms is perfect for the morning meditation so sit down cross your legs and take a few good deep breaths to this tune. Out Of View takes us along the Marshmallow Coast to a place where the mushrooms have kicked in and your laying back looking at the sky.

Psychic Wounds doesn't sound that wounded to me being a reasonably gently repetitive stroll towards healing those wounds you may or may not suffer from. Silicone Emotions sounds like the title of a Human League b-side but of course is a far more proggy keyboard like coda.

Octave Cycle is a very 2001 A Space Odyssey outer space exploration style soundtrack as the space ship glides through the galaxy and the drums feel like we are picking up speed to Mach 2 and then shifting it further to Mach 4 and they are begging Mani Neumeier to sample some of his drum loops.

The album closes with Witch Wound that sounds like it has a babbled incantation at the start before the pulses take you into another realm as if you've just found some henbane and are ready to go on a three day trip to find the sort of inner peace this album hints at.

Find out more at https://soundsoftheuniverse.com/sjr/product/ohms https://www.facebook.com/treesspeakmusic/
  author: simonovitch

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