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Review: 'I Am a Man With a St Tropez Tan'
'Just a Ghost'   

-  Album: 'Just a Ghost'
-  Genre: 'Industrial'

Our Rating:
We’re in dark and murky mash-up waters here. Grimy industrial electronica collides with a clutch of samples before a guitar kicks in and... it’s onto the next track. Distorted sounds of pain, thumping beats and... and what? It’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening here. It’s certainly not balearic beats or party time.

It’d just gone nine in the morning and I’m not fully caffinated, and my senses are being assaulted by all sorts of grating sounds, sirens and bass rumbles. ‘Breaking’ is the soundtrack to the most hellish nightmare. Or, as its creator describes it, an ‘electronic memory of chemical oblivion and anger, the sound of joy slowly dying, a mind closing down, floating around a life not lived.’ Dark and murky indeed.

The title track appears to offer some respite, with a chiming guitar intro cutting into a choppy New Wave riff... but it’s all a wicked ploy, a trick. Samples fly and a detached robotic vocal delivers a sparse narrative as the sound builds.

Finally, the softly chiming electro-prog of ‘Tea for Me’ allows a moment for the listener’s nerves to settle before the bowel-shuddering rumblings of ‘Southend’. I’d never previously imagined a trip to the beach could be so fucking horrific. Despite moments of levity, ‘Just a Ghost’ is heavy with a dense, oppressive atmosphere. Often bleak to the point of being harrowing, ‘Just a Ghost’ climaxes with the explosive industrial electro of ‘There is No Death’ that tapers off with a twisted violin and a stern-sounding woman pronouncing ‘Something in your life is ridiculous’. So true. It cuts to the bone.

I Am a Man With a St Tropez Tan Online
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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I Am a Man With a St Tropez Tan - Just a Ghost