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Review: 'Rhoda May'

-  Genre: 'Post-Rock' -  Release Date: '6th January 2014'

Our Rating:
‘Sessions’ derives its functional title from the fact it contains six tracks recorded during two live sessions the band recorded in 2013. It’s an unusual choice for a debut release. What’s more, the tracks are all untitled, simply numbered (and as was the case with Forward Russia’s debut, the numbers don’t correspond with the track number and aren’t in sequence). So far, so little to go on, and the band photo, which shows three ordinary looking guys sitting around and napping in deckchairs really doesn’t say ‘epic instrumental progressive post-rock’. But the song’s running times, which average six minutes do, as do the tracks themselves.

Nifty picked guitar lines and beefy riffage define the band’s sound as they meander and chug and lumber and build to a succession of soaring crescendos. The guitars and thumping bass are driving and often stand firmly in rock territory, but they’re still very much about atmosphere. There’s a grungy feel to ‘#5’ (track 4) vaguely reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. It does get a bit twiddly on ‘#8’ (track 5), but there are some great dynamics across the six tracks which are solid, energetic and ultimately uplifting.

Rhoda May Online
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Rhoda May - Sessions