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Review: 'Sinclair, John'

-  Album: 'Mohawk' -  Label: 'Iron Man Birmingham'
-  Genre: 'Spoken Word' -  Release Date: '24th March 2014'-  Catalogue No: 'IMB022'

Our Rating:
Sinclair croaks his way through a short narrative over a free jazz backing on the title track that starts the album off. He plays it perfectly, an elder statesman of hip, oozing grizzled late-night coffee house cool. ‘Straight No Chaser’ is everything the title suggests, and Sinclair’s nicely warming to his theme. ‘Leap Frog’ is a real wig-out, and the music vibes well with the first-hand recollections of the legendary era of the true jazz greats.

Namedropping Dizzy and Monk, Sinclair was there, at the heart of it, as it happened. The way he tells it… yeah, good times, good times. Swingin’ times. Electric times, a musical revolution was happening. ‘Bloomdido’ sees Sinclair getting excited as he recounts the way Bird and Monk transformed the musical landscape in the clubs of Harlem, painting a vivid picture of how these cats made everything bloom, great big flowers around New York…. He reminisces about the birth of be-bop of ‘An Oscar for Treadwell’. ‘This is the shit!’ he cries rapturously. His enthusiasm is palpable and is elevated by the mellow swing that accompanies it.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Sinclair, John - Mohawk