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Review: 'Glowicka & Walentynowicz'
'Red Sun'   

-  Album: 'Red Sun' -  Label: 'BÔŁT / ARTEksounds'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: 'BR1022'

Our Rating:
There are three separate yet interlinked narratives here. The first, the background and compositional methodologies of Kasia Glowicka and the cross-pollination of her ideas and concepts and digital audio work with the piano work of Malgozata Walentynowicz. As with any collaborative meeting of musical minds, the process is integral.

Then, there is the narrative of the audio itself. As much about space as sound, ‘Red Sun’ is built around the piano, and is often stark, although its simplicity is deceptive. Scrapes, backwards drones that build and shatter before decaying in a tumble of sonic fragments, drifting on the air. Elegant and atmospheric, the pieces transition deftly from one place and mood to another, and as the cover art suggests, not everything is as it may seem.

Finally, there is Glowicka’s written narrative, an untitled prose work that accompanies the CD. A quietly intense first-person narrative, the unnamed speaker forges an evocative vignette that makes for an intriguing accompaniment to the audio, which in turn becomes a soundtrack when played simultaneously.

Together, these elements make for an work that is multifacted and frequently fascinating.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Glowicka & Walentynowicz - Red Sun