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'The Luxembourg Signal'   

-  Label: 'Shelflife Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '21st October 2014'-  Catalogue No: 'LIFE113'

Our Rating:
The Luxembourg Signal are the new band comprising former members of Sarah Records recording artistes Aberdeen and some Trembling Blue Stars.

You probably need to inhale deeply before listening to this blissed out, far out, trippy late night pulsing glory of an album. From the start of Dying Star, yes, they may be gazing at their shoes but their sights are set on the stratosphere almost like Spiritualized with Sarah Cracknell instead of Sleepy Jason, if you will.

Distant Drive opens like they are knocking at Siouxsie's door in the Hong Kong Garden only instead it's Jenny Homer of Downy Mildew around the time of Broomtree that opens the door into this rather dreamy alternate space. It's very dream-like and floaty but really works well.

Heaven is just woozy, charming, laid-back dream pop lulling you into the ennui and sadness of the song itself. She Loves To Feel The Sun sounds like it's been dappled in 1983 just pre-the Class of '86 dreamscape pop and not far from what Desperate Journalist currently seem to be aiming for.

First Light is a delicate first light of dawn/night of pain and despair. You can just about see what's coming, as it's a slowly building song that's akin to Mazzy Star crossed with Jesus And Mary Chain smoking cheeba and drowning in red wine and needs to be heard a few times for it to totally wrap itself around you in its warm glow.

Drowning, which opens the B-side if you have the vinyl, is a dark and desperate as you like late night dreamy shimmer with Dale Crover on the drums pop. It makes me wonder why all of a sudden everyone wants to sound like the Marine Girls and the Invisible Girls. Wishing Pool, however, being about the most upbeat sounding song here comes on like Salvation Sunday, a band whose album should have been re-issued by now as one of the great lost 80s slabs of vinyl. This track sounds like they did live which is a huge compliment.

Unphased just flew by, straight into We Go On which has more of the Downy Mildew vibe to it. It's a lovely song that just crashes around and exudes an almost orchestral feel. The album closes with Let It Go that sadly doesn't have Icky from 51st State screaming that phrase standing on one leg but instead is a sultry love song for a summer's day laying out somewhere real nice and just floating together on an ocean of what's wrong in life but you just gotta go with flow and just let it go. If you get my drift.

Well don't let this album pass you by. Go and find it at: The Luxembourg Signal at Shelflife Records online
  author: simonovitch

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LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL, THE - The Luxembourg Signal