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-  Label: 'Hubro'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '13th March 2015'-  Catalogue No: 'HUBROCD2549'

Our Rating:
"Boredom is the awareness of time passing" said Heidegger, so the fact that the 50 plus minutes in the company of this Norwegian trio races by signifies that this as an assuredly interesting release.

The band's fifth album was recorded and mixed in the course of a week but has a richness that suggests that it was preceded by long hours of reflection. Music as multi-layered as this doesn't simply happen.

The musicians are Ivar Grydeland (electric guitar, pedal steel, electronics), Ingar Zach (percussion) and Tonny Kluften (bass).

There are just four instrumental tracks, with bracketed initials serving as enigmatic titles : (ER), (ING), (AGE) and (OK).

Each piece evolved out of collective improvisation, the result of a successful session in the Oslo studio AmperTone with sound engineer Johnny Skalleberg.

Even the fractured electronics on the final track contribute to a sense of flow and movement.

Overall the pieces are abstract in form yet evoke the organic pulse of life with a measured, non-frenetic energy. I'll call it existential ambience for want of a better label.

These are sublime sounds you want to absorb rather than analyse.

  author: Martin Raybould

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