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'EP (screenprinted 12" vinyl)'   

-  Label: 'WeWant2Wecord'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: 'June 2015'

Our Rating:
This music comes from Emmanuel Dupont, ex of All Cannibals and now Sorry Sorrow Swims member and it is an interesting piece. The key to it lies in the way it was recorded. Inaniel wrote the songs and then studio time and space was arranged but the other musicians involved with the recording knew nothing of the songs until they arrived. This is perhaps both a strength and a weakness of this material. There is a freshness and immediacy to it but at the same time you wonder how it might have sounded if they had a chance to develop the music together? What we have is a four track EP of light and airy pop music with some deft lyrical touches and even a nod to the sixties along the way.

The opening track 'Hello Nowhere' is very much a hip coffee bar club from that era. In fact I would even go so far as to say ye-ye! I imagine Serge Gainsbourg creeping out from a corner somewhere to have his wicked way with the barmaid. It is quite a wistful track, really the club isn't such a cool place to be because "she's not there" so consequently, "hello nowhere". 'Raining Friends' ups the tempo a with its party type "la la la" chorus.

Chorus girl is more the feel of this track. 'Troubles' is my personal favourite and it certainly leaves you wanting more even if it is more troubles. I would love to hear a more fully realised version of this track. The backing is minimal with some lovely organ touches and the song has a great vocal melody. 'Lady Marmalade' follows on nicely from this, almost a sister track if you like and this is where you get the benefits of tracks all recorded in one session. There is a nice effect on the vocals which takes it almost into psychedelic territory. A contemporary reference point for this EP would be Connan Mockasin so fans of his should dip right in.            

Inaniel Swims at Bandcamp
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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INANIEL SWIMS - EP (screenprinted 12