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Review: 'Cannell, Laura'
'Beneath Swooping Talons'   

-  Album: 'Beneath Swooping Talons' -  Label: 'Front & Follow'
-  Genre: 'Post-Rock' -  Release Date: '28th August 2015'

Our Rating:
The pitch: Based in rural East Anglia, Laura Cannell’s work draws on the emotional influences of the landscape and the sometimes dissonant chords of early and medieval music.

The analysis: While Cannell’s new album comfortably sits within the realms of neoclassical, there’s a keen avant-garde element to the tunes here, in her unusual musical structures, as well as unconventional approached to playing conventional classical instruments.

As the title indicates, there’s something of a wild side to the performances, and some sharp edges lacerate the string-led calm. Not that it’s as calm as all that: Cannel creates some tempestuous moments here, and the success of ‘Beneath Swooping Talons’ is the way it feels like a single body of material rather than a succession of separate and individual pieces. And as a unified piece of work, the effect is cumulative, and Cannell probes her way into your psyche subtly and unexpectedly. Admirable.

Laura Cannell Online

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Cannell, Laura - Beneath Swooping Talons