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'Two One None (EP)'   

-  Label: 'Self-released'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: 'December 2015'

Our Rating:
The term ‘Lunacorona’ (or “lunar corona” to be scientifically accurate) describes a phenomenon whereby diffracted light throws a series of rings around the moon and creates a ghostly aura.

I was always bottom of my class in Physics and I’m generally out of my depth in science-related matters, yet even to me ‘Lunacorona’ seems an apt name for this shape-shifting Liverpudlian trio led by vocalist/ guitarist Kate Milner; previously best known at W&H for her decisive vocal contributions to Mike Badger’s excellent 2011 LP, ‘Rogue State.’

Milner’s joined by versatile rhythm section Dave Walker (bass) and Ged Keeley (drums/ percussion) and on their self-released debut EP ‘Two One None’, Lunacorona alchemise some sublime, stylistically-diverse noise which flirts with indie, folk and rock yet never threatens to succumb to any specific genre’s easy charms.

Consequently, all four songs here are well worth pursuing.   Arguably the record’s star turn, ‘I Won’t Fall’ is the opener and it’s a defiant, battle-scarred song of love and loss pepped up by a classy, Love-esque trumpet serenade. It’s immediately arresting, as is ‘Passing Through’ which again leans on mariachi-style brass, Gallic accordions and continually wrong-foots the listener with its time signature-defying beat.

Kicking into life with dirty, grunge-y riffs and featuring fine, gutsy vocals from Kate Milner, track three ‘Light As Stone’, meanwhile, is a hard-edged, grinding rocker with bags of presence. The EP then concludes with ‘Wonder’ wherein a rumble of dub-style bass throws a curve before the song establishes itself and when it does, it’s a well-crafted slice of charismatic, slow-burning pop, aided and abetted by ripples of piano and another commanding Milner vocal.

So there you have it. Lunacorona are clearly a trio with talent to burn and with ‘Two One None’ they’ve fashioned four chameleonic pop songs with distinct and ever-changing moods.   Go investigate and make sure you see the whole of the moon.

Lunacorona online
  author: Tim Peacock

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LUNACORONA - Two One None (EP)