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'Atom Brain Monster - Rock!'   

-  Label: 'Blang'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: 'June 2016'-  Catalogue No: 'Blang 66'

Our Rating:
Having snaffled my review copy of this single from Blang Records label boss JJ Crash (as he was handing over one of the first copies to Sterling a while ago at the Warhol Films night at the Barbican) I've had plenty of time to let this monster of a single sink into my brain.

But for some obvious reasons if you've heard this song played live this would seem to be the perfect week to review it as the object of the song's ire (Cameron's brain) has seemingly imploded ruining his Paul Smith suits while bringing joy and sorrow to the nation he claimed to be in charge of.

If you know Sterling's history it will be no surprise that this is a monumental slab of droning space rock with immense precision drumming courtesy of Martin Langshaw (formerly of The Perfect Disaster) and all sorts of weird analogue synth sounds from Claire Harrison among all the guitar and effects meshing together as they try to keep Cameron's brain alive. The effect is not dissimilar to some sort of 1950's horror movie over this rumbling Link Wray style riff. It oscillates and buzzes your brain as they try to destroy him but in a strange twist he manages to self- immolate before they can carry out their cunning plan.

Then, on the instrumental dub b-side, the appalling results of the Self-immolation are splattered over our faces as we look on astonished at what happens. The instrumental really does sound like a freaked out Link Wray pulsing through my brain helping me to float away from all the insanity.

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  author: simonovitch

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ROSWELL, STERLING - Atom Brain Monster - Rock!