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Review: 'Kill West'

-  Label: 'Stolen Body records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '23.6.17.'-  Catalogue No: 'SBR033'

Our Rating:
I think Kill West maybe the first or second Argentinian band I've reviewed certainly the first band to claim to be playing Psychedelic Long-scale bass landscapes and while the artwork probably would have put me off a bit as I was expecting something more schmindie from the look of it. Thankfully Kill West are far from Schmindie.

The opening song Faces has vocals drenched in reverb a nice buzzing repeating riff and some out there sounds that make it sound a little bit space rock shoegazey in a pretty good way.
This Daze is like a garage rock take on Kyuss but with the guitar sound of someone like Peer Gynt and has quite a heavy vibe going on. No Stranger has a low slung almost sludgy undertow with a buzzing almost ostrich guitar solo with those reverbed into a cupboard vocals.

Is Garden Of Eden a cover I'm not certain and without any songwriter credits I'm thinking it is but done so sludgy and down low and slowed down that it really sounds like it's a different song but in a very cool way and probably needs to be heard four times louder than I have it on at.

The guitar is mixed way over on the left on Gush with the bass and drums right up front in the rest of the mix that works really well as it's sort of sparks in the back on the 5.1 set up so it feels like you're sitting in the middle of the band a very cool effect for home listening and this does have a bit of a widescreen feel to it.

Skull & Bones Blues is sort of like the North Mississippi All-Stars down-tuned by half an octave a real lazy feel to it as the guitars sort of skitter over the top of the bass riff that is grinding away throughout like a slow shuffle. They go into Heavy with almost no break on the cd so it feels live as the pace picks up a bit and then goes a bit spaced out like a heavier Crystallized Movements who eventually get there groove on a song to put your head down and start shaking along to it but make sure not to hook your thumbs into your belt loops too.

D.U.E.L stars like an early 70's chugging rocker but with a looser stringed bass than you might expect it has a sort of elastic feel to the playing and some instrumental bits that live could go on for minutes at a time as you go into a sort of trance with them.

The Album closes with Jungle Mind that has a 60's psych pop feel to it but with slightly heavier bass than you expect and those vocals heavily wrapped in reverb and echo as it pulses along at a good shuffle to get you all out the door but also a nice feel good end to a really cool album.

You don't have to go to Buenos Aires to get a copy mind just go here https://stolenbodyrecords.co.uk/product/kill-west-gush/
  author: simonovitch

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