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-  Label: 'Bureau B'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '28th July 2017'

Our Rating:
Harold Grosskopf played drums on the early Klaus Schulze albums and Eberhard Kranemann co-founded Kraftwerk, NEU! And Pissoff.

Their intention with this collaboration was to merge the different sounds of Dusseldorf and Berlin schools of electronic music together. Opener "Midnight in Dusseldorf Berlin" being the perfect example. Metal guitar and pulsing electronics combine with dusty spoken word to evoke the two cities and schools.

"Ou Tchi Gah" continues the pulse and utilises vocals as percussion. "Texas Paris" intros with heavily reverbed, slidey guitar and then floats into a synthetic and slightly industrial world.

The final three tracks of the album are extended workouts. "Happy Blue" heads for the sky and doesn’t come down, not unlike The Orb with a bit more klang. "Buddhatal" is twelve and a half minutes of sublime music, worth the cost of an album on its own. New age bliss, I guess you could say? "Be Cool" rounds things off and ups the ante with a bit of throbbing techno. As cool as your Dad, twice as hard and touring the UK in October.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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