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Review: 'Little Barrie'
'Death Express'   

-  Label: 'Non Delux'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '7th July 2017'

Our Rating:
‘Death Express’ is London trio Little Barrie’s fifth album. They’ve evidently been busy on the songwriting front, packing a whopping 20 tracks onto it. It’s an album born out of the insanity of the world over the last year or so and the seed of which was the band being invited to provide incidental music for ‘Better Call Saul’ – the theme tune for which closes ‘Death Express’.

It’s a punchy psychedelic album at heart, and one which eschews slick production in favour of a raw-edged dynamism which imbues it with power and immediacy, not to mention a real vintage feel.

Single cut ‘Love or Love’ is propelled by a jittery drum ‘n’ bass inspired beat and an undulating bassline. It’s cut through with some big blasts of fuzzed-up guitar and comes on like a more psychey Jesus and Mary Chain – whose Douglas Hart produced the video for second single ‘Produkt’. Elsewhere, ‘New Disease’ brings a gritty funk-tinged groove and melds it to a shuffling beat with a big swagger, and ‘Vulture Swarm’ brings swampy atmospherics and big reverb to create a tense, experimentally-tinged workout.

Amidst the fuzz and rampant grooves, they throw in some decent choruses, too. Kasabian could do to give this a listen to see how it can be done.

Little Barrie Online

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Little Barrie - Death Express