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'London, The Borderline, 10th December 2017'   

-  Genre: 'Rock'

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The Quireboys are back out on tour. This time out they are acoustic once more and stripped back to a core 4-piece out on tour to promote the new album, White Trash Blues: an album of cool covers.

We made it through snow-strangled London to make it in about 10 minutes before The Quireboys came on stage. They opened with a nice gentle version of There She Goes Again, which felt like a gentle bluesy caress helped along by Keith Weir's tinkling on the ivories. Soon enough Spike was imploring that we have a little with him and who were we to say no.

Roses and Rings works really well in the acoustic setting as Guy Griffin and Paul Guerin's acoustic guitars gelled on this love song as Spike gave us a few of his typical moves. Devil Of A Man was played with a twinkle in Spike's eyes as he dedicated it to the women in the audience while moaning a bit at the poor turn out due to the weather.

Mona Lisa Smiles had just about everyone singing along with them as did Hello from the Homewreckers And Heartbreakers album. They are currently gearing up for a few 10th anniversary shows to celebrate its original release date next year.

As always, the band's innate bonhomie was at play between songs and it certainly isn't a Beautiful Curse to hear their banter or that song either as we were all having a lot of fun.

The first song they played from White Trash Blues was Slim Harpo's classic I'm A King Bee: a song that has been associated with Soho for a very long time indeed. They did a cool version that sounded more in The Rolling Stones vein than, say, the Mahogany Rush version of it.

Whipping Boy was far more gentle than usual like it was only being done with a soft whip rather than a proper cat o' nine tails. Spike then got us all to raise our glasses to one of the bands previous drummers memory as we were close to the anniversary of Michael Lee's passing. He was toasted with an ode to drinking another glass of wine and why not.

They covered Walking The Dog the, old BJ Thomas nugget, that I always loved John Cale's version of. This was OK but lacked something for me in the mania and madness department. They all joked about not wanting to get a Late Night Saturday Call from Spike before the song of that name was performed with real feeling.

Hey You always gets everyone singing along and tonight's version was no exception. They closed with 7 O'Clock (or more like quarter to 10 in reality) and everyone sang along and then cheered for a little bit more.

They began the encore with a really nice version of I Don't Love You Anymore before they concluded with Sweet Mary Ann while thanking us for keeping Rock & Roll alive with The Quireboys and promising to come back next year with another new album. That'll do me nicely.
  author: simonovitch

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