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Review: 'Coolness, The'
'Chicken Leg Girl'   

-  Genre: 'Indie'

Our Rating:
It’s not often I’m indecisive, but I genuinely can’t decide if this is the apex of postmodern parody, a la Nathan Barley, or the complete nadir of abysmal bullshit, the dismal hipster crap Nathan Barley parodied. Benefit of the doubt says that the layers of irony run deep here – I mean, no band can call themselves The Coolness and have an atom of seriousness in their makeup, right?

Their previous releases are ‘Trouser Arouser’, ‘Take it Off’ and the subtly-titled ‘Semen’ and their bio states that they’re about ‘supplying a double ironic twist of “wild abandon fun” for fashionistas and misfits of the underground London party scene and beyond’. But is double irony like a double-negative, where one cancels the other out?

According to Chaz John Ross, the band’s lyricist and front-man, “A ‘Chicken Leg Girl’ is a cultured and refined young lady who loves fried chicken more than life itself… To be a considered a ‘Chicken Leg Girl’ is a great feat; it means you have a healthy appetite; you have the affection of many”.

‘Chicken Leg Girl’ is fun enough, and pitches a pseudo-oriental motif against a thumping hard-edged electronic beat that leans on Gary Numan and borders on the kind of late 80s technoindustrial works that Wax Trax! pumped out on 12” by the truckload. Bursting with wordplay that’s nothing if not audacious, it’s certainly… something.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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