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Review: 'Pissed Regardless'
'Feed The Birds (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Thrash Metal' -  Release Date: '9th February 2018'-  Catalogue No: 'Creator-Destructor Records'

Our Rating:
I can’t help but think ‘tuppence a bag’ when I encounter the phrase ‘feed the birds’. It perhaps goes without saying that thoughts of Mary Poppins and the crazy pigeon lady sort of detracts from the sting of this release by San Diego punk/hardcore thrash crossover act Pissed Regardless.

The longest of the EP’s five tracks is two and a half minutes long, which explains how they pack it onto a seven-inch. It’s fast, furious, low budget, and intense, and calls to mind the snarling attack of Bomb Disneyland/Everything.

Lyrically, there’s not much to decipher: a string of expletives spat, snarled and coughed out with vitriol and at a hundred miles an hour are at the fore. And that’s pretty much the deal. Not so much a spoonful of sugar as a bucketful of acid and excrement, ‘Feed the Birds’ is unpretentious, raw, violent. As it should be.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Pissed Regardless - Feed The Birds (EP)