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Review: 'Blank Parody'

-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '2nd February 2018'

Our Rating:
They’re described as ‘a bunch of noisy lads from Birmingham’, and having supported the likes of Vukovi, Seprona, Tigercub and Electric Six! and played slots at festivals such as London’s Camden Rocks, Sheffield's Tramlines and Birmingham’s ValeFest, I had high hopes for Blank Parody. Any band who reference Frederic Jameson’s theories on the postmodern have to have something about them.

But then, according to Jameson, parody has, in the postmodern age, been replaced by pastiche, or “blank parody”, which he describes as “a neutral practice of mimicry, without any of parody’s ulterior motives, amputated of the satiric impulse, devoid of laughter”.

Unfortunately, this limp emo-tinged alt-rock lives up to its title. It’s wholly unremarkable. Not awful, not poorly-played or badly produced. It has a hook that sits nicely, too. But as the band’s name suggests and thus becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, this is a straight amalgamative replica of countless previous other songs, devoid of irony. And without irony, you’re left with straight-faced sincerity from another band just made for Kerrang Radio.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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