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'Cargo OST'   

-  Label: 'Invisible Hands Music'
-  Genre: 'Soundtrack' -  Release Date: '4th May 2018'-  Catalogue No: 'IHCD 79'

Our Rating:
The movie this music was written for should not be confused with the Australian-based, Netflix-distributed, zombie apocalypse drama of the same title starring Martin Freeman.

This particular Cargo is a "taut" American thriller written and directed by James Dylan. The story centres upon a kidnap victim trapped in a cargo container with only a cell phone for company and an air supply lasting just 24 hours. He has to raise a ransom of ten million dollars or die.

Tangerine Dream's Thorsten Quaashning was presumably briefed to add to the tense mood of entrapment and I would imagine the director was mightily chuffed with the results.

Naming one track Mass Market Claustrophobia neatly encapsulates the strong atmospherics Quaashning creates in this hour long soundtrack album. (NOTE: The final four tracks are only on the CD but the vinyl version still has a hefty 50 minute plus playing theme).

Listened to without the visuals you could easily imagine this music soundtracking a chase movie rather than a one man psycho-drama. The sense of motion is central to tracks like Spotlight Effect and the opening Trade Mark Activation.

Synthesizers dominate the pulsing beats although a string trio add other textures. While soundtracks generally tend to comprise numerous short pieces, most here are fully realized works; some could even function as effective dance tunes.

The looping sixteen minute Wanderbaustelle is easily the most noteworthy inclusion and is also the one which will have Tangerine Dream fans salivating the most.

The compositions work fine in their own right but it also makes me curious to match them with the visuals for the full sensurround effect.
  author: Martin Raybould

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