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Review: 'Klammer'
'You Have Been Processed'   

-  Label: 'Under Dogz Records'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '10th August 2018'

Our Rating:
I’ve been hanging around the Leeds scene for a while now, and am, you might say, also something of an old goth, so am unsure how angular post-punk-inspired racketeers Klammer, now releasing their third album, have bypassed me.

With a brooding baritone vocal pitched over thick, driving guitars and throbbing basslines that are pure 1984, Klammer represent the sound of vintage Leeds.

Opener ‘Coast to Coast’ brings the fire, while follower ‘Modern God’ lowers the tempo and ups the focus on the strolling bass and fractal guitar, soaked in chorus and flange. ‘No Memory’ lurches into choppy Gang of Four territory, but the delivery is angular and coloured in shades of dark grey that are as steely as Red Lorry Yellow Lorry at their densest, most relentless best. ‘Baddest Blocks’ locks into a throbbing bass groove and brings more chorus and reverb on a guitar line that snakes its way vine-like-around the thick rhythmic spine. An so it goes.

‘You Have Been Processed’ does feel anachronistic, a document pulled from a previous era (one dating back some 35 years) and while it’s my era, it draws so heavily on all of the well-worn tropes and reproduces the production of the period that it feels too much of an assimilated emulation to be distinctive, too much of an homage to have an identity of its own.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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