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Review: 'Tom Dyer And The True Olympians'
'12 New Recordings'   

-  Label: 'green monkey records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '17.8.18.'-  Catalogue No: 'GM1047'

Our Rating:
Tom Dyer and his True Olympians are jumping on this year's musical band wagon and singing about the greatest presidency that the world has ever witnessed and the glories it is bringing to the bands home town of Olympia the bands country of the USA and the world in general. This album is full of as much love for Donald Trump that every other sane person has.

The album opens with Hegemony that is a good singalong about the corporate partners and other helpful folks in our wonderful world. We then dive into The Grey and let's face it many of us are living in the grey areas these days trying not to be noticed less Donald appoints us to some post we are manifestly unqualified to deal with and only fizzing guitars can save us.

Hang Up is a slightly desperate song about trying to get the balls to speak to someone and hanging up on them instead like some sorry little stalker. Then we get to The Ballad Of Donald John Trump an apt tribute to the man and the myth and what he's doing to make America the greatest country on Gods earth, Or is that one of the lies he tells himself every day as Tom lists some of Donald's friends and partners in crime and the music becomes as desperate and frantic as the whole sorry tale unfolds but ends before we get to Brett and his Toga parties.

Save Me is a plea for redemption inside a garage rock song that owes a little to Al Green as we try to keep her head above the water while the band sound like they are having a great time. As they have now been saved its obviously time for Random Acts Of Kindness and a big thank you to the folks that do good things unasked.

In The Light is obviously one of the heavier sounding songs on the album as a plea to be able to see you in the light as obviously things have been a little dark lately while sounding damn cool. I Am Your Mother is not a cover of any other song of that name, but they are going all modern as latter-day Mothers rather than fathers which is good and twisted as the music feels like your sitting in a closet with a couple of big speakers for company to aid the claustrophobic feelings in the song.

Wibblin' For Jesus is in the tradition of Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper a modern gospel song about the things the church folk gets up to and some of the scandals they try to brush under the pulpit as they see the light and everybody can say hallelujah brothers and sisters as Jesus will save us all a great fun song.

Another Counting Song does exactly what it says on the tin as we all need another counting song insert your favourites here. Now how does it go 3 7 9 the goose drank wine or something with almost duck quack echo backing vocals that spread around the speakers nicely.

I Will Fear No Evil yes lets all join in choir style with Tom singing I Will Fear No Evil and it will all be alright this is chugging garage rock that's made for driving through Olympia and the surrounding areas and would work well going through the mountains at speed yes while singing Fear No Evil. It should be played at Drive time.

Over is down and depressed with great flourishes of organ to lift the doomy bass and guitars and of course the song is down about how everything is Over and reminds me of one of the songs on Lars Cleveman's first rock album Voices in My Head it builds well and is a good comedown to close the album.

Find out more at https://greenmonkeyrecords.com/tom-dyer-the-true-olympians-release-12-new-recording/ https://greenmonkeyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/12-new-recordings
  author: simonovitch

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