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Review: 'K Michelle DuBois'

-  Label: 'Band Camp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '12.10.18.'

Our Rating:
The artwork for this album has a bit of A Halloween mask come Sylvia Ji feel to it which makes reviewing it now seem about right even though it's been out a while, This is the new album by K Michelle Dubois from Atlanta who some of you may know from Ultrababyfat or the Parsons Rocket Project who I have to admit I'm not familiar with.

From the opening Orchid this album sounds like radio friendly college rock with Shoe gazing guitars and some good stirring chorus' Orchid sounds like it's made to be played live to get everyone up and moving with it.

She then covers Neil Young's Love And Only Love as a gauzy almost goth dance version that is a bit Arson Garden or even The Primitives and by not trying to sound like Neil manages to add plenty to a very familiar song that has a cool modern but without autotune pop twist on it before the monster guitar solo drenched in all sorts of effects that should please any Rusties who happen across it comes to blast at us.

Velvet Eyes dials it down somewhat as a nice sparse tale about a first over or a first betrayal that sounds like Belly in places and a bit Throwing Muses in others a cool song. City Lights is one of those songs that needs to be heard at high volume as your driving into a big city from the suburbs on your way out and can't believe your leaving the drudgery behind you for a good night out and it has a good reworking of an old Glam rock riff at its core to get you ready to anything.

Wild Weed sounds at the start like really mellow weed as K Michelle starts to tell her tale and then it explodes like you've taken a massive bong hit and you need to sit down and listen to what's going on as the song shifts in quiet and loud spells and has a bit of a Creatures feel to it.

Heart like A Yardstick has a good crunchy feel to it as it drives the pain away of everything that's gone wrong with late period Downy Mildew coming to mind and a cool battle between the guitars and piano that is pretty great.

Celeste sounds like it is reworking one of U2's more monumental songs as a gauzy lazy chill out tribute to her own guiding light perfect for holding onto someone you love and blissing out too.
Becoming Real however is more of a dancefloor almost goth edm in places and would work really well remixed but as it is it builds nicely between the intense head down explosions that I'd like to hear in a club on a really good system it would almost work at Club Antichrist or somewhere similar.

Margot On The Ocean is like a Kraftwerk synth pulse bed over which the sounds of the sea wash over us. Before the Dream Receiver brings think's to a conclusion sounding more like Belly again it's a cool Indie pop song with some cool drums in and around the verses in-between some nice space age synth sounds.

This is a cool album that's well worth hearing find out more at https://kmichelledubois.bandcamp.com/album/harness https://www.kmichelledubois.com/
  author: simonovitch

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