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Review: 'Morrissey & Marshall'
'And So It Began Again… Acoustically'   

-  Label: 'Beautiful World Agency'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '28th December 2018'

Our Rating:
Having released an acoustic version of their second album, it’s a matter of perspective as to whether or not revisiting their debut for an acoustic rerecording is an example of milking a limited back catalogue or a case of bowing to fan pressure and giving them what they want. Apparently the reaction to the acoustic release of ‘We Rise’ was ‘overwheming’. They seem like genuinely decent and sincere guys, so maybe it’s true.

And as for the inclusion of two songs that were ‘very close’ to making the debut album, the omission of which they now regret, well, fair play.

Their 60s pop influences are rendered explicit in their version of Peter & Gordon’s ‘A World Without Love’ which is extremely faithful to the original, and as a whole, it hangs together nicely. Nice being the word. You won’t find much to challenge the sensibilities here, it’s all-inclusive family and festival-friendly fun, up-key, accessible, tuneful.

Credit where it’s due, ‘And So It Began Again… Acoustically’ sounds like an album that’s intended to be heard this way. With close melodies and deft, sprightly playing, it’s a collection of jaunty, easy-on-the ear, poppy folk tunes. Sure, it’s the kind of thing you could probably hear in your local boozer any night of the week, but it clearly has its place.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Morrissey & Marshall - And So It Began Again… Acoustically