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Review: 'Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs'
'Entering Anytown U.S.A.'   

-  Label: 'JoeNormalUSA.com'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: 'now'

Our Rating:
So my first review of 2019 like the last two of 2018 is from someone I met at the Black Heart at The Dramarama gig, this time it's the bands current Guitarist Joe Normal who is also a New Jersey gunslinger gone west to Los Angeles via Anytown and many bands that'll give him a gig that pays enough to get by in the great tradition of making music to be played in a bar while drinking away the everyday crap at work.

Joe has been around as have the rest of the band Tony Snow is also in Dramarama on Drums and the other line up of Gene Loves Jezebel to the one I'm seeing later in the month. Along with Tony Babylon and Michael Lucky Lockwood they are ready to rock your cares away wherever you are.

Lead track Gone Fishin' Is a shout out to anytown and to everyone that we all have to work to survive and with a band who sent some Lyric sheets along to make sure I don't do any of my legendary mis-hears as they list some of the places they've played or want to play they will be happy to add your town to the list over an incessant riff and some very um Dramarama like backing vocals but with more of a Willie Nile or even early Johnny Cougar feel to it. Great to sing along to in a packed bar on any night of the week.

Nuthin' I Got Nothing) is a bar room bruiser of a song with some great guitar work to shake along to this is really great upbeat bar room blues of the sort I thought The Tearaways were going to provide me with last year with one of the other drummers from Dramarama but failed too.

This is just a great balls out glammy rocker about being down on your luck once more and struggling to survive and hoping to just get by once more with some super zingy guitars and piano runs they'll have everyone moving along to this one until they have something.

You're going to drive Into The City Tonight in a car with the Anytown'rs sticker my cd came with on its bumper singing along to this at top volume as you just have to get out tonight and have a good time rather than sitting at home being miserable, go on get out and see the Anytowners although if your drinking don't drive kids just put the Anytown'rs Badge they sent me on your Jacket and get the bus or train instead. Get in there and have a good time forget the fights at home the crap at work etc and just groove to a beat that feels like the tarmac should moving beneath the wheels and your cruising along to it as everything comes into view hoping to find a parking spot.

Yeah go on get out and see this lot playing live they list the upcoming lucky towns on the bands website, including a double bill with Jetboy, who I finally got to see live In Camden last year as like Dramarama they played my town for the first time, rather than Huntingdon Beach at the end of the month if that's your town. They are the second act mentioned who had Last Great Dreamers opening for them always a tough act to follow.

Find out more at www.JoeNormalUSA.com www.facebook.com/Anytownrs www.instagram@Joe.Normal where you can also find all the links to getting yourself some music perfect to play in your town.
  author: simonovitch

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