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Review: 'Kleenex Girl Wonder'
'White Lacuna'   

-  Label: 'Reasonable Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '16.11.18.'-  Catalogue No: 'MVZSM-011'

Our Rating:
White Lacuna is the second album by Kleenex Girl Wonder that I've reviewed and this one is apparently the distillation of 22 pages of lyrics about the gaps in a relationship although it could be the memory gaps from too much white powder or pills.

The opening The History Of Ice flies by in a blur of sharp lyrics about things going awry while your on one. A Sweet Person has some sharp lyrics about how that sweet person might not be so sweet, it has an indie feel that's a bit Fountains Of Wayne.

Hope All Is Lost has different phases like a mini indie operetta as all sorts of questions are asked with builds and at times choral vocals as we wonder if this relationship is worth saving after the gap. Or if you can keep your spite under control and move on without recalling My Life Story at that band's most quixotic.

Lake Is Fine continues the drama with some pleading and explaining what happened or didn't happen. All while sounding like it could have a Stacey's Mum style video to go with it. He sounds desperate but uncertain of what he want's other than the Lake.

White Witch is not a celebration of the fun white witches tend to be in bed, but more a late-night rumination on all the hurt that said witch has caused him, time to get out the white sage for some healing before the song shifts and the bitterness rises. Nothing makes the bitterness more real than sounding like a folk song going Indie the sort of song that needs repeated listens to fully get.

Once you've flipped the white vinyl and sat back on your white sofa the album continues with Emerita a twisted little song about betrayal and what may have gone wrong this time and the argument it provokes as the quiet indie strum rises a little bit.

Then comes the 9 minutes of Angelina yes, another song with that title, it starts as a slow strum with synth noises and a tale of infidelity and jealousy and the fight that unfolds. Will they get back together or kill each other as the strings come in or will he just keep begging and pleading as it all falls away in the middle. Yes, he still wants her, but does she still want him on and on it goes maybe she just swipes him left and escapes or not.

Judas Beach has some woozy electronics as the setting for him to explain what he thinks should happen to she who sold herself for 30 pieces of silver and if they can go on together before she finally calls her attorney on him.

Worry The Well has more of this over analyzing of why they have got where they did with no thought for if they might just be better off apart as he sounds more and more controlling, no wonder she sought solace elsewhere.

The album closes with The Wet Wizard a short plea for a return to the good old day's does he never give up has he no friends telling him to move on and find someone less toxic for him, well you'll just have to wait for Kleenex Girl Wonders next Album to find that out.

Find out more at www.kgw.me
  author: simonovitch

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