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'I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk'   

-  Label: 'Drag City'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '25th January 2019'

Our Rating:
The first I heard of Tim Presley was last year's hook up with Ty Segall for 'Joy'. Whilst on first listen this might not seem to shine with quite the brilliance of Ty Segall's current work flow, on second, third and fourth listen I already know I am wrong about that. Tim Presley would appear to be in a similar purple patch, only his music is a little more sleepy.

The album kicks off with the meandering title track which sets the tone perfectly for most of what follows. This is pop with elements of baroque and Beach Boys type charm, albeit not on such a grand scale. It is an album with a delicate touch that lulls you with its simplicity. Songs about love and people and lots of other things too.

In terms of the musical setting it is fairly acoustic and organic and the songs stand up to that bravest of tests. I suppose it's quaint and quirky bedroom pop but if that is the case then I wouldn't really like it. It is a superlative example of how to do this music and good enough to convert a cynic. I won't pick tracks out, they are all brilliant and impossible to find fault with and I have tried. There are a couple of quite long krautrock experiments. They seem incongruous but still not bad. An album to cement legendary status.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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TIM PRESLEY'S WHITE FENCE - I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk