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Review: 'Finucane, Matt'
'The Seizure (EP)'   

-  Label: 'Light Crude Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '8th November 2019'

Our Rating:
Following on from the ‘Disquiet EP’ a year ago, and debut album ‘Vanishing Island’ in the spring, purveyor of lo-fi DIY alt-rock tuneage Matt Finucane wraps up 2019 with another EP of entirely fresh material.

The title carries connotations of explosive neurons and involuntary convulsions, an attack, a spasm, a loss of control. Paroxysm and pain. I’m prepared for an unbearable racket, a blistering blast, an aural breakdown. In the event, Matt Finucane delivers something rather more contained, but divergent, multi-faceted, firing in a number of different directions.

‘Evil Relief’ fades in with scraggly, scratchy guitars and an insistent, punchy rhythm, over which Matt’s vocals have a certain glammy slant as he comes on like a cross between Iggy, Bowie and Mark Eitzel. The sound quality on the musical backing is murky, almost muffled, but works in that it recreates a certain vintage vibe.

‘Honest Song’ is Finucane’s stab at a big pop croon tune, and he pulls it off nicely. Perhaps to atone for this accessible, near-commercial effort, he plunges into sprawling spaced-out progginess with even the vaguest hints of jazz on the psychedelic six-minuter that is ‘Raw Material’. ‘Slaughter Ink’ strips it back and finds Finucane wandering nonchalantly into singer-songwriter territory, but the lack of pretence and adherence to his lo-fi values gives a subtly subversive, anti-muso twist.

And so it is that over the course of 4 songs and 20 minutes, Matt Finucane demonstrates that he’s a singular artistic voice in a sea of sameness, and if 2019 has seen him establish himself, 2020 looks like being the year he takes it to the next level.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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