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Review: 'The Young Gods'
'Data Mirage Tangram'   

-  Label: 'Two Gentlemen'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '22.2.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'TWOGTL 073-2 LC 15057'

Our Rating:
The Young Gods are back with this the bands 12th album since the bands eponymous debut in 1987. Data Mirage Tangram will build on the band's Industrial techno legend status. If you've spent any time dancing at Goth industrial clubs over the year's you will at some point danced to The Young Gods and Data Mirage Tangrams seven songs will all get you dancing.

The opener Entre En Matiere starts off all ambient experimental with some pulsing sounds and wooshes and odd noises that would work in a chill out room and as Franz Treichler's minimal vocals come in the song starts to develop with some distorted guitars and other textural layers building a nice laid back and stark feeling that would also work well as a soundtrack to a travelogue.

Tear Up The Red Sky has an immense kick you in the stomach bass that will really shake you to the core on the dancefloor it has almost tribal dance feel to it and the vocals are almost whispered in your ears like something you think you hear in a club but aren't quite sure if you've caught it till the guitars come grinding in and this is now a real industrial floor filler.

Figure Sans Nom sounds like they are searching for something with nice probing guitars and drums that are making me dance while trying to write as I listen to the song that also reminds me a bit of the sort of sophisticated French dance pop that Popincourt makes while also a bit like some of Etienne Daho's stuff.

Moon Above is all odd percussion and almost spoken vocals and a real Bip hop feel it reminds me a lot of Philippe Petit's Strings Of Consciousness song Midnight Moonbeams. I love the almost desert blues harmonica that comes into the percussive maelstrom.

All My Skin Standing starts back in the chill out room pulsing synth sounds like squelchy water and slow interspersed noises that move around the room and the speakers that will sound great on an large system made for surround sound to freak you out as the noises come from all directions not sure what Richie Hawtins contribution is but it has a rather dark foreboding feel to it, the guitars feel like they are sound tracking a nasty fight while the percussion and electronics have a darkly trancey feel to them as the suffering continues in the lyrics of this immense 11 minute soundscape.

You Gave Me A Name has lots of bleepy sounds and cymbal work with some very 80's keyboards that remind me of Nico's band The Faction and the Czech band Pulnoc with some nice sparse vocals that also work on a dancefloor as he says "you gave me a name I could yell", so you can all introduce yourselves yelling your names and getting together dancing the night away I'm sure this sounds great on a dancefloor I really can't sit still listening to it.

The album closes with the deep bass pulsing exploration of Everythem with whispered vocals as you shuffle about late at night and you get properly chilled within this bass filled vortice in the corner of some very dark room in a club as Franz asks "how does there love keep growing" and you need to answer him or the people your with as you wonder where you really are it's a dubby and spaced out place for sure.

This is a really cool album find out more at www.younggods.com www.twogentlemen.net
  author: simonovitch

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