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Review: 'Vambo'

-  Label: 'Goliath Records'
-  Genre: 'Heavy Metal' -  Release Date: '25.10.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'Goliath04CD'

Our Rating:
Vambo are a fairly old school Heavy rock/Hard Rock melodic metal band from the Metal heartlands of South West London, the sort of band who in the old days would have hung out at The Pit at The John Bull in Chiswick, or it's later incarnations in Richmond and Hounslow. They really should be mainstays on Nick London's Monday rock show by now too. The album was originally called Why Why Why but somewhere along the way they went self-titled instead.

So the other question you might have is are they named after the African skirt's or the song by The Sensational Alex Harvey band and I'd have to say it's very much the latter.

From the opening Now You See Vambo rock like they are still in the 1970's and want to spend all day headbanging. It's good and crunchy with a very slightly funky edge to it.

Why Why Why reworks cry me a river as it's chorus and has a good foot stomping hard rock edge to it as well as a dazzling guitar solo as Vambo singer Jack Stiles asks questions of the woman who appears to have dumped him.

Cry Woman sounds almost like it should be by Whitesnake as he tells her she shouldn't take the blame this would sound good played back to back with Mick Ronson's Woman.

We're Not The Same sounds like classic melodic rock with backing vocals that are almost Queen like but with lead vocals that are more like Ronny James Dio and thankfully we are not the same.

Dancing With The Devil has a guitar sound that reminds me of Dennis Stratton as they sing about how she's gone over to the other side and her new man is the Devil or is it just another drug addiction she's succumbed too.

World Of Misery was the first single from the album and is, you may have guessed by now, another song about how sad and lonely he is after she's gone and left him the poor love. In this case he can only heal through the power of melodic metal that sounds like Dare might of if they were any good.

Down Little Mama is proper windswept metal moaning at how much she's done him wrong. It might be time to go get a new girlfriend as from the sounds of this she ain't coming back.

Running In Circles has them chasing there demons away with the power of a good guitar solo and some keyboards that wouldn't sound out of place on a Europe album track.

Camouflage has a central guitar part that took over the song for me so that the lyrics seemed secondary but damn what a guitar part.

Vambo Roolz is sort of the bands theme song and sounds like the sort of song they might play at the start of a live set to try to get the audience singing to the chorus, it's also the closest they come to sounding like The Sensational Alex Harvey band.

Fast Car feels like you really need to be driving at 80mph plus to really appreciate it being blasted out at top volume as you eat up the road and realize you're driving too fast to change the cd so will just have to hear it all over again and you really don't mind.

Find out more at www.vamboofficial.com or www.facebook.com/vamboofficial
  author: simonovitch

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