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Review: 'A Shoreline Dream'

-  Label: 'Latenight Weeknight Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '21.8.20.'

Our Rating:
This is A Shoreline Dream's first new album in six years and finds Barnum Colorado's finest musical export on good form, with an album of expansive and at times upbeat shoegaze with Gothy psychedelic edges to it.

The album opens with Turned Too Slow that is played at a slow measured pace with effects laden vocals and instruments this swirls around the speakers and into your mind like a gentle swell coming into the beach and the lull in the middle as if the tide is all the way out and you are waiting for it's slow eventual return and well it returns with a force.

The albums title track is next and it sounds like one of the more concise songs on The Magic Hours Will They Turn You On Or Will They Turn On You, this has a yearning to it that draws me in.

The Tempting Flood could be about the last weeks floods round here but obviously isn't and it also sounds like it's about a different sort of flood with intense squalls of noise almost drowning out the vocals this almost feels like you're sitting somewhere with a circular storm raging around you.

Always That Reason reminds me of something like Curve or Lush but with male vocals and a cool chiming sound that repeats over and over.

Downstairs Sunday has a very comedown chill out feel to it, like your blissed out and trying not to move in case the hangover kicks in at the same time as the waves hit the shore.
Revealter has breathy whisper in your ear vocals telling tales only you can here over lush strings and building synth. A Moment To repeat it doesn't just repeat and repeat the same phrase musical or lyrical over and over but does have a rather chilled out laid-back indie-gaze feel to it.

The Oceans Above sound like they are raging and swirling and that could be the sound of seasick sailors trying to decipher the lyrics as the storm rages on.

The first single from the album is next and I'll re-mix that review: The totally effects drenched vocals guitars and synths that envelop the listener in a swirling maelstrom of a world you might Seek To Hide from as this year progresses, hiding from reality seems like more and more of a sensible thing to want to do. This will worm its way in to your brain once you've heard it three or four times and have you coming back to allow it swirl inside you mind a bit more.

The album closes with Atheris Hispida that is a bit more goth than the rest of the album and feels like a bit of a more downbeat ending to the album, but it's still a cool enveloping sound they have to draw you into the world of a shoreline dream.

Find Out More https://ashorelinedream.bandcamp.com/album/melting https://www.facebook.com/ashorelinedreamband/
  author: simonovitch

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