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Review: 'WATT, KERRI'
'Chapter One (EP)'   

-  Label: 'Cooking Vinyl'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '2nd October 2020'

Our Rating:
Kerri Watt expresses the frustrating situation facing so many artists in 2020: "Releasing an album with no live shows to promote it, and without getting to interact with the incredible fans that have been on this long journey with me, didn't feel right.”

By way of a compromise, the young Glaswegian singer-songwriter decided to put out this three track EP as a taster of things to come. She hopes that a full record will follow in Spring 2021.

The EP opens with Jessie a bubbly upbeat number about "a girl of the night" and this is followed by Let's Stay Home, a title like makes one nostalgic for the time when setting foot outside didn't seem so risky.

Watt imagines an intimate lockdown evening complete with the inviting promise: "I can keep you warm inside." The sexed up trilogy concludes with the taunt of You Can't Catch Me set to a catchy electro-pop beat.

Watt sounds brimful of energy throughout, giving prior warning that the full force of her vitality is all set to be unleashed whenever the post-Covid days begin.

Kerri Watt's website
  author: Martin Raybould

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WATT, KERRI - Chapter One (EP)