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Review: 'Clouds In A Headlock'
'ASMATTIC Vol 2'   

-  Label: 'Chinese Man Records'
-  Genre: 'Hip-Hop'

Our Rating:
Lockdown mania is setting in again – not that I ever actually left lockdown, having remained working from home since March. Only now it’s cold and it’s dark and there’s the S election and Brexit and I HAVEN’T A CLUE WHAT’S GOING ON.

And then this landed. Pitched as ‘a brand new project, concept, idea, sound, style, and some madness!’’, the suggestion is that ‘if you imagine psychedelica meets Hiphop meets Gorillaz- then you’re going down the right sort of path…’

So what we get for that multimedia experience is a 36-minute YouTube with a blend of hiphop and dub from various artists accompanied by visuals lifted from myriad sources. It seems the songs – or pieces of songs – are strung together with samples and segue snippets, some of which work better than others. When you’ve got segments of ‘Game of Thrones’ dialogue which sit between tracks credited separately in the track listing and the listed music isn’t because it’s all spun together, it’s all pretty addling, and while it does replicate that inebriated nightclub experience, it doe lean very heavily on that brand of late 90s striped-back hip-hop that’s an acquired taste to say the least. It’s kinda mellow but kinda twisted and kinda middling in its assemblage, meaning this is either very much your bag, or not at all.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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