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Review: 'Slow Weather'
'Clean Living'   

-  Label: 'Last Night From Glasgow'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '13.11.20.'

Our Rating:
Slow Weather are a new indie duo who recorded their debut ep at the Hermitage Works Studios in Manor House North London. Here's hoping they can find a studio in Gibson Square for the follow up. Chris McCrory is also front man for Catholic Action and Annie Booth has also sung with Wotjek The Bear as well as her solo work.

The ep opens with the introspective Want To Know with hushed vocal harmonies and a very sparse synth indie-pop sound this is forlorn and gently pleading asking has the passion has gone or not, this feels like it's drizzling down on a cold grey November day as a chink of sunshine can just about be seen through all the grey clouds.

Alice is nothing like the Sisters Of Mercy classic, this is a far more minor key song of regret for the ending of a friendship and some sort of hope for a way forwards, as the vocal harmonies signal the sadness and regret they feel that Alice may never call you again.

Great White Male feels like an anthem railing against Mansplaining and the Patriarchy wrapped up in a woozy indie psyche spare barely there at times pop tune that reminds me a bit of Cornelius.

Lisbon gently fades in like a long lost Mazzy Star song as the yearning and pain slowly unfolds while you drink some red wine to be able to move on as the beauty around you just seems to overcome you as you ask them to put it down repeatedly.

The EP closes with Clean Living a duet asking why the other one is Clean Living, it's not clear if this is drugs and alcohol style clean Living or veganism or have they gone the full Paltrow, either way it's put pressure on them and the glimmers of hope come in the musical adornment to this tale as they ask questions about how they ended up here as this song builds and builds to the ep's conclusion.

Find out more at https://www.lastnightfromglasgow.com/artists/slow-weather/

  author: simonovitch

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