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Review: 'Nero Kane'
'Tales Of Faith & Lunacy'   

-  Label: 'Nasoni Records/Bloodrock Records/Anacortes Records'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '30.10.20.'

Our Rating:
This is the second album from Nero Kane who comes from just outside Venice in Italy and makes music totally in keeping with the very catholic artwork that features the Madonna with 7 swords aimed at her heart while making an album full of both sacred and profane imagery with twin vocals from Marco Mezzadri and Samantha Stella.

The album opens with Lord Won't Come a slow ghostly reverberating acoustic strum with a matter of fact declaration to the supplicant that you know the Lord Won't Come, musically similar to how Cypress Grove backs Lydia Lunch, it sounds like it would be the soundtrack just before some messy shoot out in a Sergio Leone film before the deep bass drum and electric guitar come in like the firefight has started and everyone is cowering, hoping their souls are saved.

Mechthild is certainly the first song I've heard about Mechthild of Magdeburg the 11th century Christian mystic who was the first person to publish a book of Christian thoughts dreams and prayer in German. This features Samantha Stella doing the vocal narration in tribute to this legendary mystic and the music is suitably mystical and has a long tone in it that seems to signal the need for supplication with a section reminiscent of that other German Mystic Nico's My Only Child.

Mary Of Silence is for anyone whose wondered what it might be like to join a silent order and do nothing but pray and prostrate yourself, this is elegiac with the violin adding some more layers of sadness to this song as Marco Mezzadri's vocals intertwine with Samantha Stella's to really get you cogitating on what it's all about.

Magdalene has an organ drone and vocals that are very Nico meets Michaela Memcova of Pulnoc in a desert to pour out their hearts and thoughts about Magdalene.

Lost Was The Road keeps with the very late night sitting in a crypt feel to much of the album as a slow dark tale unfolds to a drone that's accentuated with some very sparse piano.

I Believe is obviously not a cover of any of the other I Believe songs out there, this one is super slow dark ponderous rumination of despair giving way to the odd chink of hope that sounds like it should be played in the darkest medieval church you can find.

The album closes with Angelene's Desert that's a 10 minute plus trip to the desert narrated in Samantha Stella's haunting Nico style vocals that makes this haunting gothic tune just about the darkest tale I have of Angelene in any of the many songs I own with Angelene in the title as the hope of miracles that might be granted unfolds in the lyrics as slowly the guitar part gets more and more like The Stooges We Will Fall a wonderfully somber droning organ sound envelops the room you can almost hear a cathedral like space as it builds the albums final crescendo.

Find Out more http://smarturl.it/nerokane https://nerokane.bandcamp.com/album/tales-of-faith-and-lunacy https://www.facebook.com/nerokanemusic

  author: simonovitch

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