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Review: 'Beauty In Chaos'
'Out of Chaos Comes...'   

-  Label: '33.3 Music Collective/bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '31.10.20.'

Our Rating:
This is an album of re-mixes of songs that came out earlier in the year on Michael Ciravolo's Beauty In Chaos projects album The Storm Before The Calm and brings together a host of goth royalty including Wayne and Cinthya Hussey, John Fryer, Kat Leon, Tyler Bates and Tim Palmer et al. My review is of the 5 tracks I was sent, the Vinyl version contains 14 songs.

The Delicate Balance Of All Things (Rapid Reiteration edit) FT Cinthya Hussey opens this album of remixes and edits in sultry goth fashion this is slow and seductive and has had the squirrels tapping at the window to hear it better as you should be holding your nearest and dearest tight to you while they think of you as you listen to how carefully the guitar seems to have been placed in the mix.

We then get one of the many remixes of A Kind Cruelty (Sinistrality Mix) that was out as a single earlier in the year and this is the version that has some cool strings within the swirling goth floor filler that in any sane year by now would have been a dancefloor smash at Club Antichrist and any number of other popular goth haunts.

The Outside (From Within Mix) FT. Aston Nyte is dark dancefloor goth with deep vocals that are a bit Type O Negative while musically it's slow ponderous Sisters Of Mercy style goth with just the slightest of modern touches in the repeating keyboard pattern that's perfect for some slow etoliated lightbulb changing dance moves.

Stranger (Everyone Dies mix) Ft. Kat Leon strips things back to an almost This Mortal Coil or dance floor era Everything But The Girl sparseness this feels like Kat is whispering the words into your ear and you should react accordingly to something as pretty as this is.

The album closes with Temple Of Desire (Boxcutter Mix) ft Rafe Pearlman turns it into an epic cinematic version that should be on the soundtrack to the new Bond film or something similar as it has that epic windswept theme song feel to it.

Find out more at https://www.beautyinchaosmusic.com/music-store https://beautyinchaos.bandcamp.com/album/out-of-chaos-comes https://www.facebook.com/beautyinchaosmusic/

  author: simonovitch

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