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Review: 'Coldharbourstores'
'Dearly Devoted'   

-  Label: 'Enraptured Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '27.11.20.'

Our Rating:
Dearly Devoted is Coldharbourstores fourth album and is another album that Graham Sutton from Bark Psychosis has produced.

From the moment they flick the switch on opening song Zero Coldharbourstores take us into a lush world of gauzy indie-pop that's quite insistent in searching for what they feel is missing between them.

Amber is quiet gentle and slightly skittery song of yearning and heartbreak to try and find a way through the pain, as the percussion really does all sorts of things as it moves through the mix that reminds me a bit of Morcheeba.

Litmus appears to have acidic lyrics and alkali music as they lay out the test they have for their cheating lover with a whispered but deadly quality to the message being delivered.

Big Deal is dreampop with skittery percussion and lush synths and keyboards. Blush reminds me of Zero 7 for some reason in its laid back dreamy indie pop way that will grow on you with repeated listening.

Love theme is the sort of laid back love story that would be perfect to play over the opening or closing credits of a proper soppy romance film full of wistful sounds and imagery that gently swells and falls like the hero/heroines chest as they gaze at the lust of their life.

These Thieves have stolen this tune from three or four different places as once it shifts from the opening it goes into some weird neo-classical chill out space that mutates with feelings of dread into something quite episodic and quite beguiling.

AMY opens with a long tone that the vocals go over as they describe AMY and what happens to her and the Blue influence on her, this is as gentle as it comes with the rather intense lyric working as a counterpoint to the gentle caress of the music, this really needs to be heard a dozen times to really let it get to you properly.

Graduation doesn't sound like a party for getting the grades you wanted more like the feelings of dread that you might not have got the grades you wanted and are contemplating some changes to your plans, while sounding a lot like Damon And Naomi after they decided they would be better off as a double act.

Starstruck is a laid back chill pop song of lust and wonder at why so many people are Starstruck by people who are out of control with backing vocals that are a bit Medieval Babes or This Mortal Coil this a very lush and sophisticated dreamscape.

Pining is as you'd expect a song of yearning and asking those questions of how to get the love that you crave from within this veil of shimmering gauzy gently waving us goodbye conclusion to a really quite tender album.

Find out more at https://www.coldharbourstores.com/ https://www.facebook.com/coldharbourstores/
  author: simonovitch

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