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Review: 'Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs'
'Stuck In A Job'   

-  Label: 'Big Stir Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '11.12.20.'

Our Rating:
This is the latest single from Joe Normal & the Anytown'rs that came out just before Christmas. The band comprise members of Dramarama, The Zeros, Aimee Mann and Izzy Stradlin's band.

This single is a prime slice of Blue-collar rock for everyone suffering under the pandemic restrictions and how it has affected normal life and stopped many people from earning their normal living. Like the bands previous singles this one is real easy to stick on repeat and hear over and over again as usual Joe Normal & The Anytown'rs make very catchy music.

Stuck In A Job is a full on blast of straight ahead blue collar rock in the mold of early Springsteen or Johnny Cougar as Joe complains of being Stuck In A Job he doesn't want just to pay the bills so he can afford to go to the bar at the weekend to let off steam and have some fun, it sounds like the sort of song you can punch the air too as it goes on and the guitars rampage over the place set against the pin sharp rhythm section.

Living In The Borough is a little bit more stripped back look at everyday life growing up in the hood and going and having fun that's no longer possible as life has seemed to pass you by even though you're barely old enough to be leaving home, as all sorts of dreadful traumas unfold in the lyrics like the plot outline for a rather grim coming of age movie as young Joe eventually triumphs over adversity and makes it out of the Borough he's stuck in.

There was also a hidden bonus tune on Youtube of Christmas, Christmas, Come And Save Us that's a rather lovely Wings style gentle Christmas carol a touch on the saccharine side but everyone is overdosing on sugar at Christmas.

Find out more at www.joenormalUSA.com www.facebook.com/JoeNormalUSA

Here is an acoustic version of the single
  author: simonovitch

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