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'Taste Test (EP)'   

-  Label: 'Know-It-All Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '2004'-  Catalogue No: 'AKIAR6137'

Our Rating:
The Next Big Thing could very well emanate from the Philippines as THE PIN-UP GIRLS have enough talent and personality to achieve rising star status judging by the fresh-faced performances and charismatic singing on their U.S. debut, "Taste Test."

The Girls are an engaging lot, vocals shared by a trio of indie crooners - Mondo Castro, Pam Aquino, and Jeng Tan. The variety in the vocals provides ideal refreshment from the cookie-cutter amateurishness of most indie pop. Influences are easy to pinpoint - a dash of the Go-Betweens' hyper jangle on "Love X Ten" but with female vox and "Moonwashed" is the Second Coming of the Wake. Orchestral "Caress" is a quick masterpiece; mournful cello and Castro's handsome delivery waste no time in being impressive and then splitting while you are left slack-jawed, caught in the tangled web of its delirious sensuality.

"Last Farewell" is '60s-flavored pop with lyrics about suicide, ending the EP on a sombre, yet moving note. "Taste Test" is apparently sold out from its owner, Know-It-All Records (http://www.knowitallrecords.com), but an extended reprint is on its way. Bravo.
  author: Jim Corrigan

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astig to!!! panalo... shempre gawang noypi e..


------------- Author: bloodytom   05 August 2004

PIN-UP GIRLS, THE - Taste Test (EP)