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Review: 'Pikefruit'

-  Label: 'Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '14.5.21'

Our Rating:
Inflorescence is the first full length album by Seattle based duo Pikefruit who are named after Pike street in Seattle.

The album opens with the slow glockenspiel and string led So We Begin that quickly becomes a lush intoxicating dream-pop song with some ambient Portishead meets Evi Vine or Zero 7 type edges to it.

Why I Smile has a heavy synth organ intro that then has nice floaty vocals that explain just Why she Smiles that will work well on a play list with When You Smile. This has a luscious chill out quality to it as you'll be smiling back at whoever sings this to you.

Perfect Secrecy is lush chamber chill out pop to cuddle up on a sofa too. Clockwork keeps thing lush but adds a dancefloor element so you can make eyes at each other and slowly work out if you will end the night entwined together or not.

Lullaby is every bit as sleepy and quiet as the title implies with nice angelic sounds and a plea for hush to let you drift off.
Wish You Were Here is the dream world you go to while asleep as all sorts of spectral color light up your dreamscape.

Play Your Game seems to have re-worked a bad 80's synth pop hit into something altogether more interesting, as the bass rumbles beneath the cheesy keyboard part and the vocals float over the top of everything.

Where I go mixes its lush synths with glacial vocals and bass and spare percussion to make a quite intoxicating song.

Tempest is the gentlest of gentle storms, it rages in places but is mainly more of a gauzy drizzle than a full-on tempest.

The album closes with Finite Time that's one last slice of the luscious Pikefruit pie that has been dusted in icing sugar and will leave you feeling contented once its ended and wondering if you need another slice or not.

Find out more at https://pikefruit.bandcamp.com/ https://www.pikefruit.com/
  author: simonovitch

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