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-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '23rd Aprile 2023'-  Catalogue No: 'Light Organ Records'

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Canada’s Louise Burns calls her fifth release “a pop album for introverts” but it is more outgoing than one might expect from this description.

The vibrant, feel good quality is that of a songwriter who has a good ear for strong melodies and a warm enough voice to turn them into winning tunes.

When Burns was still a teenager, she was part of the all-female band Lillix. As a more mature, but still young, solo artist she plays to her strengths to bring intelligence to a genre that can all too easily slip into banality and/or sentimentality.

The album was co-produced between Burns and Jason Corbett in Vancouver, and also features collaborations with Colin Janz (Teset) and vocologist Carol-Lynne Quinn.

The title track is influenced by floaty, chill-out music and this tendency is further exemplified in Bloom – both the song and the video – which contains the lines “I don’t need to complicate it, Give me something to believe in.”

In the video we see Burns channelling her inner Kate Bush and her liking for synth-pop is evident in the closing song, a dreamy cover of Depeche Mode’s See You

Element may not be an album to blow you away but it has the power to engage on many levels.

Louise Burn’s website

  author: Martin Raybould

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