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Review: 'Mystery Plan, The'
'Haunted Organic Machines'   

-  Label: '10mm Omega Recordings/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '31.3.23.'

Our Rating:
The Mystery Plan are a 5 piece from Charlotte North Carolina, Haunted Organic Machines is the bands eight album. They are led by Paul Jenson and Jason and Amy Herring alongside Jefferson Chester, Patty McLaughlin-Thomas and Otis Hughes. The album was produced by Jason Herring and Rob Tavaglione at Bulls Hit Records and Catalyst recordings in Charlotte North Carolina.

The album fades in with Big Bliss having eastern cadences, over ethereal vocals, chilled guitar inflections and a general sense of blissful wellbeing.

What A Day (Disco Mix) is a modern pop disco dreamy laid-back song, with the vocals letting you know just What A Day it's been, it almost feels like the narration to a film in the style of Downtown 81, only with more 21st century synth pop feel, eventually a flute comes in to add a Philly soul edge to the sound.

Inner Space slows things down as you can hear the fingers sliding up the strings as the slow careful beat accentuates Amy Herrings vocals that have a freak folk edge to them, as the mantra like beat is ensconced in the strings and sepulchral backing vocals.

Late Night is the soundtrack to a noir midnight movie as the sax plays and the main characters slink through rain bespattered streets towards their fate as steam rises through the grates.

I Think I'm Granola has some gentle bongos, adds gauzy vocals in praise of our favorite breakfast cereal, as it allows the strings to wash over us as we are energized by a good bowl of granola probably eaten in a hipster Granola bar.

Snow Queen is floaty flute led gauzy pop with precise carefully positioned cymbal crashes as we all hail the Snow Queen once more.

What A Day the standard album mix is less dreamy than the single version and has male vocals rather than the female ones, it's still rather dreamy, perfect to relax with after a day full of overindulgence.

The album closes with Hold My Interest which thankfully this album has done, as otherwise the title would be a perfect jumping off point, as we find out exactly what has been holding the interest of The Mystery Plan over a laid-back elegiac synth pop tune.

Find out more at https://themysteryplan.bandcamp.com/album/haunted-organic-machines https://www.facebook.com/themysteryplannc

  author: simonovitch

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