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Review: 'Hip Priests, The'
'Roden house Blues'   

-  Label: 'The Sign Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '5.5.23.'

Our Rating:
The Hip Priests are back with the bands latest album named after the building in Nottingham that's the bands base, Roden House an old lace factory that's now home to this brilliant no frills band who've been tearing up venues since 2006.

The Roden House Blues blasts out of the starting blocks with Trojan Bullshit that in its' blasting fury sums up the last few years succinctly, with raging guitars, blasting drums and furious lyrics, the guitar solo slays for a full 7 seconds or so.

Inaction Rocks careens across your speakers at high speed on a call to arms to get up, get down and just do something, like play in the speediest garage punk band you could wish for.

Shakin Ain't Fakin should have you shaking at full speed across the dancefloor, head shaking just going for it, as the drums crunch your mind into submission to the will of the Hip Priests, like they think The Hives are just too puny and slow, this breaks down a bit as you wonder how it will all end if you dare behave like a faker in front of this lot, the guitars will rip you apart as you have to sing along to the chorus.

Pissed On Power takes aim at all the knobs who think they are in charge, they wail away like Motorhead and Monster Magnet having a rave up, as the bile ridden vocals let us know how much they hate anyone in power.

Can't Abide With Me has a short-spoken word intro before the drums and guitars crash in, as they refuse to stand on doorsteps clapping for no good reason, they can't abide the awful sentiments being foisted on them. Riffing the pain away, as they want things back how they should be, so they don’t feel so fucked up anymore.

Chasing Death is taut and fraught with the desperation you feel, if you think you have nothing left, something many people felt during the pandemic when all the things they normally live for were gone, no pubs, no gigs, no travel, no real interaction with anyone else, what's to live for, you may as well be Chasing Death.

Sell My Soul and sell it to the devil, whatever you do don't sell it to the government, let those guitars flail those suckers, let the drums crunch their brains to dust, this is caustic dangerous rock and roll, diseased in all the ways you want it to be, as they testify like a Midlands MC5.

Just To Get By seems precision built for anyone fighting to survive the cost of living crisis, as they scream and wail about what you have to do to survive in the 2020's among all the pain and anguish of a world gone to hell.

Persistance If Futile is an odd title for a song from a band as persistent as The Hip Priests are, but they know they have been railing against fashion and the tastes of our times, as they go on there mission to rock like fuck, having a blast doing it, getting speedier as they are told to slow down, like someone is putting speed cameras on the BPM they choose to play at.

Tiger In My Tank isn't the Lou Reed song of this name or any other previous song of this title, but a solid 200 mph brain crushing, nasty riffing song to make sure you have your own Tiger in your own Tank, they are not for sharing, so stand and shake to this no nonsense mindless boogie, let it infest your soul.

The Best Revenge is to buy this album, play it at full volume and let your problems melt away, as the uptight idiots run to get away from the guitars and the gang playing them, as they make clear they have no truck with being wage slaves scraping to get by, stop listening to the government and the mainstream media listen to The Hip Priests instead.

Find out more at https://www.thehippriests.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thehippriests/ https://thehippriests1.bandcamp.com/album/roden-house-blues https://linktr.ee/thehippriests?fbclid=IwAR2wmJiDU4ZdX1EOjGA4wAXgU46rN4SlyUKKLmqiz4Nw1AcZJ611D_VPBbU

  author: simonovitch

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