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Review: 'Various Artists'
'Elemental Child The Words And Music of Marc Bolan'   

-  Label: 'Easy Action Records'
-  Genre: 'Seventies' -  Release Date: '26.5.23.'-  Catalogue No: 'EARS185LP'

Our Rating:
Elemental Child is the latest tribute Album to the late great ace face, Boppin elf that was Marc Bolan whose life was cut far too short in that accident in Barnes back in 1977. This tribute has been lovingly put together by Carlton and the team at Easy Action Records with the intention of donating all the profits to the Marc Bolan School Of Music in Sierra Leone, so that the Light Of Love Foundation that runs the school can make a bore hole so the students can have clean water. For more information on the school go to www.marcbolanschool.com

They have avoided any major label acts to save on licensing costs but have assembled a top-notch roster anyway including one of Marc's old band mates Andy Ellison from John's Children.

The A-side opens with Beyond The Rising Sun (Il Faut Trouver Son Coin De Ciel) by Sylvie Vartan who treats it like it's a typical french Chanson tune for the 60's, so it sounds like a Francois Hardy song, tres cool.

Third Degree by Andy Ellison and Boz Boorer uses the John's Children blueprint to treat this as a garage rock powerpop classic with some delicate trumpet and thumping bass that sounds better with every listen.

Automatic Shoes take on Pictures Of Purple People as a slow stummed acoustic folk song from Marc's hippy era bringing a Dylanesque feel to it.

Stacey Grove by Marsha Hunt is produced by Tony Visconti it's a hippy dippy chill out song with all sorts of Marc's typically out there lyrics hinting at all sorts of possibilities for that cool cat who lives in Stacey Grove.

Chateau In Virginia Water is re-imagined by Swervedriver who go all hazy lazy psychedelic on it. Child Star by Witchwood is a slow neo-classical intro that leads into the treated vocals telling us about the psychedelic wonderland they imagine as it turns into a full-on glam stomp that's totally bonkers brilliant.

The B Side opens with Cosmic Dancer played by Mair who slows it down to create a chamber pop ballad that's stunningly beautiful take on this song that has a life of its own through its regular soundtrack appearances.

Wind Cheetah by Catherine lambert is carefully strummed with gorgeous carefully enunciated vocals with a bit of Sandy Denny style to them.

Elemental Child is reworked by the Charms changing things up, bringing the Bolan boogie to the fore with a good psychedelic twist or two.

Visit by Tarwater is a slow dark gothic rumble into the dark heart of Bolan creaking, shuffling around the deep bassline.

Cat Black (The Wizards Hat) sees Chris Connelly & The Liquid Gang in gently percussive mode with close miked vocals almost whisper the lyrics, singing very much in the same timbre as he sings with Monica Queen.

The C-side opens with Children of The revolution by Burn It To The Ground who bring a dark biker rock stomp with a techno dancefloor edge to it that works to give this classic a different twist to usual.

Lofty Skies by Automatic Shoes brings the hippy dippy back, a very chilled out patchouli drenched take. Ballrooms Of Mars by Kelly Reilly is a superb glam chamber pop style as Kelly's rich sonorous vocals echo Marc's style as the guitars reach for the stratosphere as the song reaches its climax.

Space Ball Ricochet by Speedtwinn turns it into a honky tonk country strut with some magical slide guitar.

Jeepster by The Polecats is a classic rockabilly cover that reminded me why I loved The Polecats in the early 80's, as you put on your boppin' shoes and jive along to this masterpiece.

Soul Of My Suit by Chris Braide is a piano ballad in an Elton John style with gospel style backing vocals.

The D-side opens with Calling All Destroyers it's Rachel Stamps classic cover of it, that was originally the b-side to I Wanna Be Your Doll, this is a full-on Glam stomp of the highest order, I love hearing this version.

Menthol Dan (Dan The Sniff) by Andy Ellison and Boz Boorer is a full on glam Psyche shaking shuffling brilliance.

Raw Ramp by Black Bombers is taut tight biker boogie for rough sex rock steady bass grooving electric boogie.

Life's A Gas by Mexican Dogs is an acoustic- guitar led folk glam strum of hop for a rich long life.

Life Is Strange is sung in Byelorussian by Illa Falazynski who almost gives it a Yuri Antonov twist, only he's far more engaging making this a way cool version.

The album closes with Visions Of Domino by Schwefel who uses avant garde strings and samples that morph into motoric beats with glam guitars for a dancefloor smash that has cool weird Spanish style guitar vibes for a monumental conclusion to this album.

Find out more at https://www.officialmarcbolanmerchco.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=95&product_id=362 https://ealisteningpost.co.uk/elemental-child-the-words-and-music-of-marc-bolan/
  author: simonovitch

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