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Review: 'Panic Pocket'
'Mad Half Hour'   

-  Label: 'Skep Wax/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '26.5.23.'

Our Rating:
Mad Half Hour does what it says on the cover, it is a brilliant half hour debut album by Panic Pocket that you'll need on Pink Vinyl. Panic Pocket revolve around the talents of Natalie Healey and Sophie Peacock with help from Healey Becks and Laura Ankle, the album was produced by Keith TOTP at Dean Street Studios.

The Mad Half Hour begins with Get Me that's a bit too slow in the intro to be truly frantic, but they soon pick up the pace on a tune that reminds me of Belly and Suggested Friends as they try to get the hell out of the mess they are in.

Still The Bad Guy asks all sorts of difficult questions, should they still perceive this ex-friend as bad, as they have turned out to like coercive control, on a song that recalls Two Nice Girls and that bands former incarnation as Meatjoy, the wry look at how some people can never really admit they have acted in terrible ways, that the sweet harmonies are far too nice for.

Mad Half Hour is one of the most nearly joyous songs, for an event that happens once a month, that might make them have a Mad Half Hour leaving them screaming girl power once more.

Say Your Sorry is for someone who really is on this lots shitlist, whoever it is needs to be on their knees begging for forgiveness, before they spill the beans as to exactly what you did to upset them so, as delicious harmonies wonder why you won't apologize no matter what's taken place.

Out Of The Woodwork Is about someone they had a one night stand with, who wants to get back in touch, but why should they, it was never going to work, so move on, as it never really began, being baffled by being sent a frog emoji is understandable.

Boyfriend is about a girls meet up, that goes terribly wrong, when the other woman turns up with their Boyfriend when it was meant to be a girl's night out, you don't need a ring to know you're a real person or worth loving or being friends with.

Cheryl (Red Is The Bluest Colour) feels like it's descended from John Otway's classic Cheryl's Going Home, this slowly lets us know just why you'd be that blue.

I've Earned My Right To Be Petty is a brilliantly bitchy song about a friend who posts every minute boring detail of their life on Instagram, pinterest and tik tok etc, they don't want to know about the friends domestic bliss, that sounds like hell to them. It also sounds like you need a huge audience singing along to the chorus to really get through to the object of all the disgust.

Mr Big is all about a friend who wanted to live the Sex & The City lifestyle, found their very own Mr Big before of course it all falls apart, this is urgent snarky indie pop that although not as rough and ready as The Voodoo Queens share a lyrical sensibility with that brilliant band in particular Kenuwee Head.

The album closes with Don't Get Me Started an explanation of just why they are fuming at the idiot that sent that postcard, this song cements for me that Panic Pocket are very much in the vein of Two Nice Girls, as the walk of shame takes them across Morrisons Car park no matter how bitter they are this song and album should leave you with a big grin on your face.

Find out more at https://panicpocket.bandcamp.com/album/mad-half-hour https://www.skepwax.com/ https://www.facebook.com/panicpocket

  author: simonovitch

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