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Review: 'Tav Falco's Panther Burns'
'Nashville Sessions'   

-  Album: 'Live At The Bridgestone Arena Studios' -  Label: 'ORG Music/bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '23.6.23.'

Our Rating:
These Nashville Sessions were recorded at the Bridgestone Arena Studios originally for Sirius XM's Outlaw Country station by Tav Falco and his current iteration of The Unapproachable Panther Burns who were on tour in the USA at the time. The current line-up is Mario Monterosso, Giuseppe Sangirardi and Walter Brunetti.

This Live radio session opens with About Marie Laveau a deep dark blues tale about a New Orleans legend that was originally on the Command Performance album, this has a dark early rock & roll feel to it, with some great walking bass as Tav shares the streets with Marie Laveau's 200 year old ghost.

Sway dances gently in the shadows over the gentle snare led drums and carefully accented guitar parts imbuing this classic with loads of feeling.

He'll Have To Go is built around an imperious bassline and the cymbal beat, as Tav tells you once more that You'll Have To Go, yep he's moving right on in, you will be surplus to requirements.
Born Too Late shimmies across the dancefloor in Tango time, as Tav makes clear he knows he should have been born about 20 years earlier than he was, love the guitars on this version of the Eugene Baffle tune that is sometimes known as Why Was I Born back when Tav was still serving his Life Sentence In The Cathouse.

After a short introduction they play a super cool version of Me And My Chauffeur Blues by Memphis Minnie that hints at all the double meanings in the lyrics, as a new jockey is sought if that Chauffeur should ever be disloyal, the stripped back country blues works brilliantly in this version that's more twanging than the Command Performance take on it.

Treat Me Nice strips this tune back to its essence as a bare bones rock & roll classic. Sanford Clarkes Go On Home is played as a slow western twanging shuffle. Have I The Right is not quite as sweet as the original by The Honeycombs but is far preferable to hearing the Bay City Rollers demolish it, this has a wonderfully twanging guitar break as Tav asks for permission to do what he will with you.

Tav then introduces Ballad Of The Rue De la Lune that was the opening song on Conjurations: Seance For Deranged Lovers that takes us to the dark back streets of Paris where you can still get up to no good with some sleazy yet sophisticated blues rock for what happens in the middle of the night.

The version on here of the Sol Y Sombre classic Cuban Rebel Girl is down and dirty with that delicious guitar freak out keeping all the sleazy majesty of the original, only these days they sound less deranged than they once were.

Tav then introduces the band and tells the story of the Original Panther Burns before they perform a song about Tav's current hometown of Bangkok, thankfully he doesn't correct the sketchy geography of Alex Chilton's song, this is less manic than it used to be live, but this is a spot-on song for the freaky people who might want to do some Chinese rocks.

Tav then turns carnival barker on the intro to Master Of Chaos a very European song from Command Performance that sums up Tav's time living in Paris and Vienna quite nicely, as he found plenty of inspiration from the sleaze ridden streets of Monaco where this tale begins, before moving on towards dastardly deeds across France in this super dark tale.

The session concludes with Girl After Girl a song that's always been about wondering when the single life might end and you'll fall in love with a keeper, this has some good harmony backing vocals and is played at a fast pace.

Find out more at https://orgmusic.com/collections/vinyl-lp/products/tavfnashbl-lp https://www.facebook.com/tav.falco https://orgmusiclabel.bandcamp.com/album/nashville-sessions-live-at-bridgestone-arena-studios

  author: simonovitch

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