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Review: 'Ghost Woman'
'Anne, If'   

-  Label: 'Full Time Hobby/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '20.1.23.'

Our Rating:
Ghost Woman is the project of a Canadian man Evan Uschenko whose band name seems to refer to all the women who've ghosted him, it almost feels like this album is dedicated to all those women.

The album fades in with Welcome, a very slight guitar strum that leads into Broke that has a dark edge to the spare electric guitar, with some great squiggly bits as the drums that seem to intrude every now and then, on this song of desperation for what they've lost, trying to find a way out.

3 Weeks Straight takes a tune that could have been nicked from The Byrds but turns it into something a bit more loose, garage rock with Reverb heavy vocals, for this tale of love lust and Desire.

Anne, If is a sparse garage rock love song. Street Meet revolves around a handclap style drum beat with guitar flourishes on this Street meet showdown instrumental.

The End Of A Gun has the loose louche feel of The Rolling Stones circa Gimme Shelter, as he issues the threats he would issue at The End Of A Gun.

Lo Extrano is slow guitars with deep sad lyrics for love gone wrong once more, this is careworn heartbreak at the end of some slide guitar.

Arline has close harmony vocals in a hazy laid-back befuddlement, at all the things he never found out about Arline, when he asks if she's looking for answers, he manages to suggest everyone had cancer! a line that jumps out, for how stark a claim that is, maybe it's why he's been Ghosted again.

Down Again takes us down into the pits of despond, trying to find a way out of all the sorrow pain suffering and confusion, so you can enjoy the magical beauty of the guitar playing.

Tripped almost sounds a bit like Tarwater on another slow moaning blues, for another baby whose given him the elbow, as he asks if he scares you, he certainly sounds like he's in agony.

The album closes with So Long well farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu, off to the Austrian alps with you, on this outro of carefully strummed guitar and hummed vocals.

Find out more at https://full-time-hobby.myshopify.com/products/ghost-woman-anne-if?ffm=FFM_4dd389e6a23a38f7ec85ca1a8c3297bb https://fulltimehobby.ffm.to/anneif.OPR https://ghostwoman.bandcamp.com/album/anne-if-2 https://www.facebook.com/ggghostwoman

  author: simonovitch

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