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Review: 'SWOUND'

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: 'January 2006'

Our Rating:
Repeating "If a shark stops swimming, If a shark stops swimming it dies" as an opening statement may not reveal a band deep in philosophy or politics, but this single from Nottingham 5-piece SWOUND is overflowing with youthful enthusiasm. By the time you hit the comically camp and melodically infectious gang-chorus of "Hey! What's your poison sailor" the message is clear. It's not big, it's not clever, but it sure is fun! The musical arrangement bears out the fondness for the random, whether its those mass vocals or the guitars that range from jerky and angular to nu-metal machine gunning- there is even a handclap breakdown.

There are classic indie reference points (Cable for example) and big choruses, but there is something about the sheer energy of the band that makes this track sit perfectly in an Arctic Monkeys crazed world. Shut Your Mouth continues the theme through slightly darker territory- carrying a little more angst along with it. There is a similar liveliness and off-kilter song writing- but it doesn't have quite the same charm as What's Your Poison.

Like the recent clutch of up and coming bands though, Swound seem to thrive on the live music scene and these tracks bear that out. Whilst these tracks mark a band that certainly have something to offer, you get a sense that the recording doesn't quite do them full justice. There is a spirit to these songs that is probably best experienced with some cheap lager and the amps turned up to 11.
  author: JON BROMBLEY

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