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-  Label: 'Self-Released'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: 'February 2006'

Our Rating:
“Atmospheric shoegazing." What on earth does that mean? The world of dodgy Press Releases can yield some interesting descriptive terms. It’s also a bit suspect that every single one of BELL HOLLOW’s influences were spelt out, indicating that the band’s element of mystery was actually cribbed from somewhere else.

Not that we would need such a list in this case. They sound just like The Smiths/Depeche Mode/New Order/The Cure, ad nauseum. In fact this EP is more a question of ‘Name That Tune’ rather than anything remotely innovative. On the other hand, it’s not offensively bad, their songs are ok, but nothing outstanding.

Here's a thought for you. I’m intrigued as to what their ‘Water Burden’ is about though. Does it refer to having a leaky bladder? Or is it more to do with an imposed hose-pipe ban? I guess we shall never find out. Oh well.
  author: Sian Owen

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