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-  Label: 'Hydrology Records'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '2003'

Our Rating:
Although Depeche Mode hasn't been the toast of pop in over a decade (despite a few comeback attempts that resulted in briefly-buzzing singles), their influence remains as potent as ever. Ehron Vonallen (http://www.ehronvonallen.com) was among the young men mesmerized by Dave Gahan's grim baritone and Martin Gore's innovative handling of high-tech electronics. You can hear it on every track on "Incarnation," especially the rougher edges of Depeche Mode's most recent work, when the sonic boom of grunge inspired them to dig darker and rock harder.

Vonallen has an advantage over other new acts similarly infatuated with Depeche Mode in that he truly has a good voice. It is strong and soulful and makes up for a lack of noticeable hooks in certain tunes and strengthens the overall quality of his catchiest songs. "A faded memory is all that remains," Vonallen sings on "Faded Memory," and it's the '80s club era all over again, that sense of existential gloom booming ironically while people dance happily.

However, although the roots of Vonallen's music stretches back over twenty years, it doesn't feel dated at all. In fact, compared to all of the '70s-styled acoustic strumming on the radio right now, Vonallen seems downright futuristic. "Virtues" has a chilling apocalyptic opening, layers of atmosphere built upon by icy synthesizers.

"Jezebel" finds Vonallen at his best, a sharply crafted synth-pop number that is a snack for the ears.
  author: Adam Harrington

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VONALLEN, EHRON - Incarnation