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'What If...'   

-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '2006'

Our Rating:
Infinite Frequency (http://www.infinitefrequency.com) is an indie band with a yen for Stevie Wonder and Supertramp. Well, at least that's what it seems.

Fusing modern rock with jazz, funk, and '70s soul, Infinite Frequency give eclecticism a good name. In other words, the group is focused in its clash of styles. The band doesn't call attention to itself with its genre bending; the songs work together as a tight, collective unit sharpened with exotic shadings.

On "Venus Moon," Infinite Frequency establishes the funk, laying down a poppy, toe-tapping groove with some finely crafted jazz flavorings, namely with the drums. Lead singer Ian Franklin thankfully isn't trying to sound like James Brown like so many white funk acts do and fail miserably. He owns a solid voice of his own, high and filled with life. "I Feel Your Love" follows a similarly funky route but doesn't retrace the same footsteps as its predecessor.

As the album proceeds, Infinite Frequency widens their musical scope. The band is mellow and soulful on "I'm Free" but then starts to truly rock out on "This Struggle," with big guitars that recall the '70s.

The group's alternative side is more exposed on the second half, such as on "Still Malaise" and "On Track," the latter recalling (a much better) Incubus. "What's the Difference?" slides back and forth between hard-driving rock and electro, showcasing the band's versatility; there's even a dose of old-school rap to startle and impress us.

The melodicism and top-notch playing on this LP will have people having flashbacks when musicianship, not just style, played an essential ingredient in rock & roll.
  author: Adam Harrington

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